The Bard of Avon : Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon

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The list of videos

  1. A Street Party for the Golden Jubilee (QuickTime v5, 4.9 MB 1 minute 11seconds)
    A traditional street party for the Golden Jubilee on 2nd June 2002.

  2. The Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations (QuickTime v5, 8.9 MB, 1 minute 46 seconds)
    On 20th April 2002. The procession, Shakespeare's grave adorned with flowers and fireworks. Highly recommended even though it is a big file. I like this video myself.

  3. A Visit to Charelecote Park on 2nd April 2002 (QuickTime v5, 4.5MB, 1 minutes 26 seconds)
    I went to visit the Charelecote Park with Margaret, Alan, Elly, Jenny and Patrick. It was a really nice day and I had a great fun.




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