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Konnyaku a.k.a. Shirataki : A Japanese Marvelous Hidden Traditional Health Food.

Konnyaku (Konjac) is a no-fat, calorie free, gluten free, soy free traditional Japanese wonder health food. The noodle type of Konnyaku is called Shirataki.

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Konnyaku is a Japanese traditional food.

Konnyaku (Shirataki) is a traditional Japanese jelly-like health food made from a kind of potato called "Konnyaku potato" and calcium hydroxide or oxide calcium extracted from eggshells. The Konnyaku potato is native to Indonesia and is a kind of herbaceous perennial plant called "Amorphophallus Konjac"(K. Koch). Konnyaku potatoes are cultivated for food only in Japan, but wild forms grow naturally in Southeast Asia and China.

We Japanese have been eating it over 1500 years.

It was originally introduced to Japan as a medicine in the sixth century and has been eaten for almost 1500 years in Japan. It is a totally natural food. Ninety seven percent of Konnyaku is water and three percent is Glucomannan, or dietary fibre. It is also rich in minerals and very low in calories.

Full of dietary fibre

Glucomannan is a dietary fibre and it is extremely difficult for humans to digest. Therefore, Konnyaku usually just goes through your body and sweeps your intestines. That is why it has been regarded as a no calorie food for a long time in Japan. Konnyaku does have calories, however, the calories would be so few in the normal quantities that they are negligible in number.

Konnyaku is a marvellous health food

It does not have fat, it is rich in dietary fibre and is low in calories. Moreover, it has recently been found that it normalises the level of cholesterol, prevents high blood pressure and normalises the level of sugar in the blood. Because of these scientific findings, it has been perceived as a excellent health food in Japan.

Konnyaku Potato

Konnyaku helps you to maintain health and helps you to control your weight

Studies show that it will helps you to maintain health and to control your weight . It is an ideal food for weight control since Konnyaku expands in the digestive system and gives the feeling that the stomach is full. At the same time, Konnyaku cleans toxins in the intestines.

A flower of Konnyaku If you would like to keep your body slim, but if you do not want to give up enjoying eating, why not try to use Konnyaku in your daily eating habit? You can enjoy eating and control your weight and become healthy at the same time! Konnyaku surely helps your physical and mental health.

(A Konnyaku in flower)


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