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How to make Konnyaku

How to make Konnyaku

This is how to make Konnyaku from Konnyaku flour.

Wash arrow Cut arrow Dry arrow Mill
Wash Konnyaku potatoes Cut them into pieces Dry them Mill them
Finish arrow Form the shape arrow Add calcium hydroxide arrow Pour water and stir
Finish Form into shape and boil them Add calcium hydroxide or calcinated eggshell's calcium Pour Konnyaku flour into water and stir
Konnyaku is made from Konnyaku potatoes and calcium hydroxide extracted from egg shells. Firstly, wash the Konnyaku potatoes and cut them into pieces. Then, dry them and mill them into flour. Then, pour the Konnyaku flour into water and stir. Then add the calcium hydroxide or calcinated eggshell's calcium to it. After forming the shapes, boil them and it is finished. It has been made in this way for 1500 years in Japan.







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