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Benefits of Konnyaku

Ideal food for weight control and prevention of obesity

Konnyaku is not only an ideal food for weight reduction because it is low in calories and has no fat but also it is wonderful in helping maintain our health. If you take Konnyaku with other foods, you can easily feel satisfied, but still you have eaten few calories. It is quite difficult to fight hunger, so you can gain physical and mental health at the same time. Too see nutition data of Konnyaku.

Full of dietary fibre

Glucomannan in Konnyaku is a dietary fibre which is difficult to digest. When Glucomannan in Konnyaku is ingested, it stimulates excretion and helps us to keep good shapes. To see nutrition data of fibre in Konnyaku.

Stimulation for excretion: Prevention against bowel cancer and haemorrhoids

In 1977, American Senate nourishment special committee published a report that says the shortage of fibre in eating habits is one of the causes of diseases such as fatness, constipation, arteriosclerosis, heart sickness, diabetes, cancer, gallstone, and haemorrhoids. Dietary fibre activates the function of the intestines and allows the harmful things to go quickly out of your body. As a result, it defends you from intestinal cancer.

Konnyaku is practically water and dietary fibre. Therefore, Konnyaku is useful preventing such adult diseases. It is not only a low calories health food but also defends you from bowel cancer and haemorrhoids. When dietary fibre is taken, it easily adsorbs water and it can expand ten to twenty times in the body. Then, it stimulates the intestines and helps to discharge. In other words, dietary fibre helps to excrete harmful matters from the body.

Normalises the level of sugar in the blood and prevents diabetes

According to the studies of Ebihara (1981), if Konnyaku is taken with other foods, it reduces the speed of sugar intake and it normalises the level of sugar in the blood. Hence, Konnyaku could prevent diabetes. Read more.

Normalisation of the cholesterol level

According to the studies, Konnyaku lowers and normalises the cholesterol level and neutralises fat in blood but it never lowers it too much. Read more.

Prevention of high blood pressure

According to the studies, Konnyaku lowers high blood pressure. Read more.

Rich in Mineral

Konnyaku is rich in mineral. A 100 grams block type of Konnyaku contains 75 milligrams of calcium. A 100 grams noodle-shaped Konnyaku contains 43 milligrams of calcium. Moreover, calcium in Konnyaku would be readily soluble in gastric juices. As you can see in the table* below, the assimilation rate of calcium in Konnyaku is almost equal to that of milk. To see more data.


Alkaline Food

Konnyaku is an alkaline food.

* Nagayama, Nakamura, Suzuki 1975. Eiyougakuzasshi, 33. 265 (1975)


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